International Day excites


Maybe it was the French rap blasting outside the cafeteria. Or the delicious French cheeses. Or the student fashion show. But it was most likely the mime that made sophomore Isabel Wallace-Green say, “I’m feeling very French today!”

The tireless efforts of the volunteers, including many parents, combined with the hard work of foreign language teachers Alice Means and Shelley Stein, the French Club and the International Club made International Day Jan. 23 possible.

“It was truly an ensemble performance,” said Leslie Cronin, mother of sophomore Iris Cronin, who organized the event.

The star of the show was the mime, who popped up all over Instagram that day.

“Even though I don’t walk around Paris seeing mimes, something about it felt very French,” French Club sponsor Stein said.

Another facet of French culture, the fashion industry, was represented. Sima Ladjevardian, mother of sophomore Dara Ladjevardian, organized a French fashion show.

Freshman Mia Mirkovich, who modeled in the show, said, “This is probably the nicest dress I’ll ever breathe in.”

Emily Sherron
Staff Writer

“In honor of International Day–France, today, during my junior English class, I spoke (almost) nothing but French while the juniors read short poems and explicated them,” Dr. Dwight Raulston said. 

Edited by Amy Kang
Filmed by Alyyah Malick and Amy Kang


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