Day in the Life of a Cast Member of “Faith, Hope & Charity”


SJS_32902:45 PM– Eighth period ends. I head to the library to attempt some algebra before my 5:00 call.

4:50– After two hours of graphing rational functions and staring at Pride and Prejudice without turning pages, I walk to the Lower School cafeteria to eat dinner with the cast and crew. We eat and talk until Mr. Hutchinson tells us to start heading into the theater for pre-show notes.

6:05– Everybody gets notes. I’m told to be louder, and meaner, if possible, and the crew is reminded not to remove furniture that people are still sitting on. Mr. Hutchinson tells everyone, as nicely in possible, not to cackle in the wings.

6:12– The cast heads upstairs to get into costume. Hannah Tyler has four costume changes, the most of anyone in the show.

6:15– Julia Boyce battles with her tights. As usual, she loses.

6:20– I’m in my costume and getting my hair done. Spoiler Alert: I rock a hairnet.

6:33– Downstairs Mr. Hutchinson is doing last minute blocking for the cast of Act IV. In the dressing room, Julia steals my lipstick for the third time and Robin Granberry and I discuss the merits of Justin Bieber.

6:50– Most of the cast piles up backstage for the opening scene. There is a group hug for good luck, initiated by Andrew Jing. AD Carolyn Brooks is stationed at the sound board, ready to make the magic happen.

6:55– Opening scene over. I’m not on for another forty minutes, so I diagram electron orbitals in the hall and listen to Gabe Bennett-Brandt, who is onstage, banging his walking stick and yelling and being generally talented.

7:10– Hannah’s first change. She is out of her first costume, into her second, and sprinting into the Black Box before I can even smile supportively.

7:35– I’m on in five, according to AD Priyanka Jain, who has a very official looking clipboard, so I guess I’d better go.

7:38– Showtime.

7:55– Crushed it. I hope. Back to chem.

8:01– Some celebratory selfies with Julia and Zoe Margolis.

8:04– Jack Mckay and Hannah run to the bathroom to wet their hair and clothes for the finale. All the other actors need to be damp, but not dripping, so Priyanka spritzes them liberally with a spray bottle.

8:25– Time for bows. Half of us enter late, and Mr. Hutchison tries to stifle his face palm.

8:26– Hannah’s solo bow. Everybody claps, because she was fabulous as usual.

8:30– Time to change out of our costumes. There is lipstick on my shirt somehow, and it seems I have had an allergic reaction to my tights.

8:32– Katie Owens and Lily Brown simultaneously erupt into song.

8:40– Meet in the theater for more notes. I was not loud enough or mean enough, but tech stopped stealing furniture, so that’s good.

9:00– I receive my fifth “I’m here” text from my mom

9:03– Time to go home, wash the gel out of my hair, and watch recorded episodes of “Downton Abbey” until I pass out on the sofa.

Iris Cronin
Staff Writer


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