60 Seconds with Boys’ Soccer Captains


name why is this here? [Andre Gras]
state of mind this is a trap
color black
music all the things
movie all the romcoms and anime
book a whole lot of em
tv show fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood
hero Lionel Messi
professional sports team barça, papa!
restaurant jax and roadster
breakfast fruity pebbles, crunch berries
cafeteria item apple juice (makes me feel like a giant)
comfort food chocolate fo shooo
vegetable bb pls
love to hate my good looks
hate to love fred lang
happiness slapping fred
misery missing the note in con te partiro
place to live ice cream
sing in the shower? Only witchhouse and opera
dream date same as fred (natalie portman since third grade)
superpower time control duh
fav spot on campus ben and carl and jakes arms
relationship status hey lovebug đŸ˜‰ she doesnt even go here!
holiday valentines day <3
treasured possession santis remarks
i collect love
the best thing witchhouse
omg das witchhouse
did you know? I care.
can’t beat this all spc defender.
i wish fred was better at sports
just do it! Witchhouse
motto it’s all about the brotherhood

name André Gras [Andrew Chennisi]
state of mind teen angst
color cream
music Witchhouse
book everyone poops
movie Undercover Brother
tv show locked up abroad
hero DJ Shadow
professional sports team man city
restaurant potbellies
breakfast of champions
cafeteria item Apple turnover
comfort food sweet potato chips
vegetable foot loops
love to hate Bambi
hate to love Santi Henning
happiness on the pitch
misery triangles
place to live land of ooo
sing in the shower? wild style by bassnectar
dream date Ben Beiser
superpower ability to revert to the beginning of the day
fav spot on campus the senior country swamplands
relationship status working on it ;P
holiday Boxing Day
treasured possession longboard
i collect rupees (from Zelda)
the best thing Adventure time
omg I’m a bee
did you know? I care
can’t beat this witchhouse
i wish I was a little bit taller
just do it! đŸ˜€
motto it’s all about the brotherhood

name DJ Jhin
state of mind Pumped for spc
color Zinnober
music Crocs n Sox (djjhin remix)
movie Howls moving castle
book Goosebumps
tv show How I met your mother
hero Joe Farabeiser
professional sports team Fighting Irish
restaurant Argentina Cafe
breakfast Udon
cafeteria item Grilled chicken
comfort food Gumbo
vegetable Corn
love to hate Preguntas
hate to love The rat
happiness Korn
misery Stopping a song before the drop
place to live Das witchhouse
sing in the shower? Beatbox
dream date Kate beckinsale
superpower SUPER!
fav spot on campus Palm Reader
relationship status The Chase
holiday Buble season
treasured possession Maschine
i collect Neopets
the best thing Fred
omg lol!
did you know? I care.
can’t beat this Panic attack on expert
i wish Sound waves made color
just do it! Whet why is corporate sponsoring part of this
motto Solid

name Fred
state of mind Pumped
color Red and black
music Everything
movie Undercover brother
book The analects
tv show Walking dead
hero George Turley
professional sports team Lastros
restaurant Potbelly
breakfast Froot loops
cafeteria item Dumplings
comfort food Chicken and waffles
vegetable Broccoli
love to hate Jk da prince
hate to love Crandall
happiness Lol
misery Kreutter sass
place to live On the pitch
sing in the shower? Jumper -third eye blind
dream date Natalie Portman since 3rd grade
superpower Time control
fav spot on campus Andres’s warm embrace
relationship status 832 236 3254
holiday New Year’s Eve
treasured possession The old soccer sweatshirt
i collect Hugs
the best thing Scoring
omg Wut
did you know? I care
i wish To win spc
just do it! Puma
motto All about the brotherhood


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