Harlem Shake Comes to SJS


With a drop of the bass, the Harlem shake internet phenomenon swept the world.

Study Hall Harlem Shake:
Swim team Harlem Shake:

Before Feb. 2, the song was an obscure production of an unknown artists. Once a group of teenagers in Australia trimmed the track to 30 seconds and filmed themselves dancing in a crazy manner, Baaur’s electronic house track became a sensation, with over 3,000 Youtube parodies of the original video in circulation.

Among these 3,000 are two recordings created by SJS students and faculty. The first to appear was filmed in a 4th period study hall proctored by photography teacher Chuy Benitez

After watching Harlem Shake videos on Youtube, Benitez proposed making an SJS version to all his classes.

“The only one that really bit on the idea was my study hall,” Benitez said.

The class decided to make a video, and Benitez sent out an email, encouraging students to bring costumes and props. The simple process was met with student approval.

“Doing the Harlem Shake was really crazy,” sophomore Valentina Diaz said.

“It was funny to see how well the students ‘acted’ like they were studying for the first part of the video, which made me question how much of their studying is acting every day,” Benitez said.

The video has garnered attention from not only current students but also alumni, with over 3,500 views on Youtube and dozens of shares on Facebook.

During winter SPC, the varsity swim team filmed a Harlem Shake of their own. Sophomore Emma Gobillot organized the event.

“We all gathered in front of the elevators to film. Austin and Jeffrey danced around in their swim caps and swimsuits. It was really fun,” Gobillot said.

Benitez is impressed with the viewership of his study hall’s video and hopes that their interpretation of the Harlem Shake made its mark in the cyberworld.

“It was fun and spontaneous, as it should have been,” Benitez said.

Megan Routbort
Staff Writer


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