Spanish Classes Experience Art, Culture on Field Trip


Picasso_851x315_4Spanish III students found themselves torn between the vibrant colors of Spain’s royal court and the monochromatic sketches of Picasso on their first-ever field trip.

On March 21, the Spanish III classes took a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) to view two exhibits: Picasso Black and White and a selection of works from Spain’s Prado Museum.

The World Languages Department took advantage of these two exhibits running concurrently and the rare chance to see Picasso’s artwork from private collections and decided to create this field trip.

“It was exciting to see Spanish culture outside of the classroom,” sophomore Paxton Lambright said.

The trip allowed students to expand their knowledge of Spanish culture while using their understanding of the language.

“It was a great opportunity to use our Spanish to talk about the paintings,” Lambright said.

The students ate lunch in the sculpture garden before splitting into groups to visit the museum.

At Picasso Black and White, the students took a Spanish audio tour and were asked to choose their favorite work to write about for a class assignment. In the Prado exhibit, students looked for work by major Spanish artists they had studied throughout the year.

Picasso Black and White is noted for its being the first major exhibition to feature only works from Picasso’s black and white palette. It came to the MFAH following its premiere at the Guggenheim museum in NYC.

The works in the Prado exhibit were all on loan to the MFAH through an initiative by the famous museum in Madrid. The exhibit featured pieces from the 16th through 19th centuries.

“The paintings convinced me that there is a lot of range in art,” sophomore Andrew Jing said.

While the AP Spanish classes have taken field trips in the past, this was the first trip ever taken by the Spanish III classes.

“I feel like students in classes other than Spanish could benefit immensely from trips to exhibitions like this,” Jing said.

Megan Routbort
Staff Writer


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