Track, Lacrosse Bond and Train over Spring Break

Boys Lacrosse spent spring break in Virginia

Boys Lacrosse spent spring break in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.

As spring sports kick into high gear, many teams traveled over spring break to bond at the beach, scrimmage in San Francisco or back flip with Belfield.

For the fourth time in five years, about ten members of the track team headed to Padre Island to train at Port Aransas High School, run along the beach and visit the Corpus Christi Aquarium.

“I started the trip to try to find a way to get kids to keep in shape and have some fun,” Boys’ Head Track Coach Richie Mercado said. “In the past, we’ve had 15 to 20 people go each year; all different ages, boys, girls and events.”

“The retreat prepares you physically, and it’s also great to get together and run with people you know,” captain Andre Gras said. “With track, you need to be strong mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Two girls’ lacrosse teams traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area to play four of the top five California teams as well as other varsity and junior varsity teams. The trip has occurred every year since 2004, and before that, both boys and girls played in a tournament in San Diego. The team also visited and toured Stanford University and University of California-Berkeley.

“We seek the hardest competition we can find outside of Texas,” Girls’ Head Coach Angie Kensinger said. “Our purpose is to gain experience; in doing so, the bonding and the fun happens.”

Both teams won two of four games and also played in another scrimmage in which no score was kept.

“The best moment had to be during our scrimmage against Palo Alto High,” freshman Casey Mullins said. “We combined our JV and Varsity teams into one big one, so we all got to play together as a team. It was especially awesome for the JV players because we all admire the varsity players so much.”

The boys varsity lacrosse team traveled to the University of North Carolina for the 18th consecutive year. The team played games against St. Anne’s Belfield from Virginia (a 7-2 loss), Durham Academy from North Carolina (a 7-6 victory), and Friends High School from Maryland (an 11-5 victory).

“The best moment of the trip without a doubt was after our first game with Belfield,” sophomore Stephen Wang said. “One of their teammates, who was probably a former gymnast, ran up and did some back flips to celebrate the victory. Then one of our seniors decided that we match them. So we all started to shout and cheer, and senior Grayson Crady, with pure athleticism, performed a back flip, and we all went crazy.”

The 28 players who went on the trip had fun while keeping stick skills sharp and gaining momentum over break.

“The best part was seeing that all of the Belfield team loved the back flip and were smiling and applauding along with us,” Wang said. “It was definitely something I will never forget.”

Matthew Neal
Staff Writer


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