Pencil Leads to Kehs Hospital Visit


When Mr. Kehs received word of Mrs. Kehs’ injury, he rushed to take her to the hospital where Mrs. Kehs received six numbing shots before doctors removed the pencil. (Claire Dorfman)

As Spanish teacher Sherifa Kehs walked down the hallway during advisory, March 28, the last thing she expected was to wind up in the emergency room half an hour later.

She was taking her advisory to look at senior baby pictures downstairs in the Quad when a bunch of pencils fell on the ground.

“The pencils spilled all over the place, and I don’t know how it happened exactly, but the door closed and a pencil was in my foot,” Mrs. Kehs said.

The pencil embedded itself about three inches deep in Mrs. Kehs’ right foot. There was no blood, and Mrs. Kehs felt no pain.

“I just looked down, and it was in my foot,” Mrs. Kehs said.

Mrs. Kehs’ senior advisees Carly Rapp and Nataly Torres went back into the classroom and called Mr. Kehs while Mrs. Kehs sat on the bench outside.

“In advisory, Mr. Kehs got a phone call and said his wife had an emergency, and he ran out of the room,” freshman Natasha Gonzalez said.

At the hospital, Mrs. Kehs received six shots to numb her foot before doctors removed the pencil. Her doctors then had to make another incision to remove a remaining lead fragment.

Doctors performed an x-ray to insure that no more lead fragments were in her foot. Some splinters could have stayed because the x-ray would not show that much detail.

Students were worried when Mrs. Kehs was not at school for her morning classes.

“Our whole class asked Ms. Lopesuarez what had happened, but we all got lost in translation since some people thought it was a car accident,” sophomore Meghna Dara said.

By sixth period, Mrs. Kehs was back at school and recounted the story to her Spanish III class.

“Unlike everyone else in the class who was a little uncomfortable, I thought it was a really interesting injury,” sophomore Rebecca Nikonowitz said.

Mrs. Kehs is scheduled to get her stitches removed within seven to ten days. Although her foot is sore, causing a slight limp, she hopes to resume normal activities soon.

Rebecca Chen
Staff Writer


2 Responses to Pencil Leads to Kehs Hospital Visit

  1. John Kehs says:

    I wish you and Serifa success in 3rd grade teaching.

  2. Megan says:

    Pencil LEADs to hospital visit? Very punny!!!

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