Storm Floods Cafeteria Kitchen


DSC_2618Despite its proximity to April Fool’s Day, the flooding was not an act of vandalism but the result of a storm Wednesday night, April 3.

Supervisor of Housekeeping Jose Hernandez decided to check the cafeteria around 11 p.m. since flooding has happened before in the past.

“I immediately thought that we had to clean it up since the cafeteria needs to be cleaned and opened the next day for business,” Hernandez said. “My job is to get it done on the same day.”

The source of the water was a backdoor in the kitchen where food cargo trucks load boxes and crates.

“It was raining pretty hard. Two inches of rain covering that big of a space is actually a lot of water,” Hernandez said. “It looked more like a river to me.”

Hernandez immediately notified Facilities Supervisor Steve Revell, and a housekeeping crew of five people worked until 2 a.m. to clean up the mess.

“We used a vacuum to suck up all the water,” Hernandez said. “Afterwards, we had to mop the whole cafeteria and bleach it.”

The entire kitchen, including the kitchen offices, dishwashers and half of the pantry, was flooded.

Hernandez said, “The upside was that there was no damage to any food since we keep all the food safe from the floor.”

Jessica Lee
Staff Writer


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