Top Nine: Promposals


justinandnatalie1. Junior Justin Bernard asked senior Natalie Plummer by serenading her in the VST.

2. Junior Jo Chen asked junior Hana Wolff by posting a sixth grade “Jo Chen in pajamas” video on Wolff’s Facebook wall in which he asked her to prom at the end. See the video here:

3. Junior Xavier Gonzalez asked senior Marsha Zhang by giving her a matrix to solve on Mathematica that spelled out Prom?

4. Junior Eden Epner was asked by junior Josh Hanson through a scavenger hunt.

5. Senior Spencer Lepow asked fellow golfer sophomore Emily Griffith by spelling out Prom with golf balls.

6. Junior Clay Hatcher asked junior Caroline Walsh by wearing a shirt that said “Prom?” with a box for yes and no. Walsh checked yes.

7. Senior Jonathan Newar asked senior Meredith Lawrence to prom on her birthday at Beck’s Prime by singing “Happy Birthday” a Capella and presenting her with a cake with candles that spelled out “Prom.”

8. Junior Elliot Cheung asked junior Lydia Liu through a Review Online article.

jellinsnalezeh9. Junior Daniel Jellins asked junior Alezeh Rauf by giving her his football sweatshirt with a note inside that said she was the only girl who could wear his sweatshirt and asked her to prom.

Suman Atluri and Chloe Desjardins
Staff Writer and Business Staffer


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