Blood Drive Supports Victims of West, Texas Explosion


In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, St. John’s had an opportunity to help and comfort those in need.

The biannual blood drive, sponsored by the Student Affairs Council (SAC), was held April 20.

“The blood drive is a wonderful way for SJS to give back to our community. This semester and last semester, we had a large number of parents, students, and faculty give blood to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center,” junior SAC representative Sira Ntagha said.

Although the blood drive was scheduled before the dual tragedies unfolded last week, the timing allowed donors to give blood when it was most urgent.

“We heard from the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center that they have supported those injured in West, Texas, so we’re hoping that the blood we donated will go towards toward those efforts,” said Upper School Community Service Coordinator Marci Bahr.

According to the Red Cross, those injured in Boston are currently having their blood demands met, but survivors of the West explosion are especially in need of platelets and type O-negative blood.

“There’s always a good reason to give blood, but this is an especially good reason,” said biology teacher Paula Angus, who organized the blood drive. “Blood is always needed, and not just in Houston.”

Despite the pressing need, many athletes were unable to participate in the blood drive due to the proximity of SPC.

“I wish so badly I could have donated this year, especially since this time, all donations are going  to communities that have recently been faced with a lot,” senior track and field competitor Allie Robinson said, “But since SPC is coming up, I couldn’t.”

“I think that there are many opportunities to donate, and this time is great, but if students cannot donate blood right now, due to SPC or for some other reason, there are opportunities throughout Houston to donate blood at various times,” Bahr said. “Either way, starting as early as these kids are now is a great way to start a lifetime of service.”

Cara Maines
Staff Writer


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