SAC Elections: Finding the Perfect Prefect



Before heading to advisory, students filled the Lowe Theater, pencils in hand, to vote for their 2013-2014 Student Affairs Council prefects, April 22. With 22 juniors running, speeches were limited to one minute in length. Still, candidates captured the audience’s attention with future plans, jokes and witticisms. Results of the prefect elections will be announced May 1 at the Upper School Recognition Assembly in the VST.

Emma Gobillot
Video Editor


2 Responses to SAC Elections: Finding the Perfect Prefect

  1. Xavier Gonzalez says:

    I just watched the “trending viral video” on cat exercises. Someone needs to make sure the Sharps see it!!! I wasn’t able to comment there, but I figured that given Jeffery’s cat joke this was the closest place.

  2. Lydia says:

    Awesome video, Emma! It was nice to revisit all the key parts of the speeches (and a great way to laugh at all the hilarious jokes again!).

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