Recognition Assembly Highlights Leadership, Achievement


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The Upper School Recognition Assembly, held in the VST during the final chapel period of the year, May 1, recognized parents,  students and faculty members who have served SJS in unique and beneficial ways throughout the school year.

The assembly commenced with Upper School Head Kef Wilson’s recognition of Parent Guild Co-Chairs Carol Smith (mother of senior Logan Smith) and Naomi Hewitt (mother of senior Clare Hewitt). The two were honored with flowers for their contributions to the community over the past year.

Faculty members leaving and those going into retirement were also recognized for their contributions.

Faculty members who have reached major milestones in their careers at SJS this year were recognized. Both Upper School Math Teacher Douglas Sharp and P.E. Coach Julie Russ were honored for 40 years of service, a benchmark that is rarely met.

The student portion of the chapel began with a speech from exchange student Sophie Roshal, who will be returning to Germany. She thanked the community for its enduring support and amicability.

Dean of Students Stephen Popp recognized leaders of student organizations ranging from the Community Service board to the ECO-Marathon team with pins. Students who had participated in but not led these organizations were invited to stand for applause.

The ceremony wrapped up with recognition of the students who served on SAC in the 2012-2013 school year and the announcement of SAC representatives and prefects for 2013-2014.

Joe Faraguna, Gabriel Malek and Joseph Hanson will represent the rising 10th graders with David Lu as the class president. Tanvi Varadachary, Maren Flood, Meghna Dara and Dara Ladjevardian will represent the rising juniors as Akshay Jaggi serves for his second term as class president.

The head prefect for next year is Sira Ntagha. The other prefects are Nikolai Hood, Jeffrey Fastow, Joshua Hanson, and Jonathan Chen, and Daniel Jellins.

Megan Routbort
Staff Writer


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