Workouts, Water Fights Lead to Softball SPC Victory


Softball beat All Saints, Kinkaid and Episcopal at SPC to clinch the SPC victory for the first time in 17 years. (Nicole Lang)

Softball beat All Saints, Kinkaid and Episcopal at SPC to clinch the SPC victory for the first time in 17 years. (Nicole Lang)

After 17 years, the girls’ softball team again emerged as Southwestern Preparatory Conference (SPC) champions.

“After we got our sixth run, I started crying because I knew that we could win,” sophomore Rebecca Reza said. “When we actually won, it didn’t really hit me, and I don’t think it has even now.”

With consecutive victories against All Saints and Kinkaid under their belts, the team beat Episcopal, 7-1, to seize the SPC championship.

“The energy was just so unbelievable,” sophomore Brooke Upchurch said. “Everyone was just so excited, and even though we hadn’t won yet, we knew we were really playing our best.”

The team enjoyed having SPC in Houston, as it gave them an opportunity to garner support from SJS students unavailable at away games.

“Towards the end of the game, a bunch of SJS fans showed up and cheered for us. They even got to run on the field, which is a privilege softball never gets,” junior Sarah Gow said . “The best part was getting revenge against Episcopal since they beat us in the regular season.”

Before the first SPC game, May 3, the team had a season record of 8-4-0, tied with Episcopal and Kinkaid to be the third seed in Division I.

After emerging as the 2012 South Zone champions, the team had high expectations for the 2013 season.

“We all had this common goal to win SPC, and, as a captain, it was really special to watch everyone contribute in their own ways to make that goal a reality,” senior Paige Killelea said.

Pitcher Killelea worked with co-captains senior Anna Cain and junior Meredith Lloyd, to lead the team in rigorous practices leading up to SPC.

“We are going to do whatever it takes to win SPC,” sophomore Tanvi Varadhachary said just days before SPC began.

“We went to the weight room more than ever before; we worked on trick plays and played in public school tournaments almost every weekend towards the beginning of the season.” Reza said. “That really prepared us for the tough competition that we were going to go up against.”

Team bonding brought players closer together before SPC.

“The captains organized surprise ice cream runs, water fights and scavenger hunts that really brought us together,” Upchurch said.

The SPC victory was the perfect close to the season, yet the ending was bittersweet.

“Seniors really make up a big part of this team,” Varadhachary said. “We are all really going to miss them at the end of the season.”

Hannah Tyler and McKenna Gessner
Staff Writers

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