60 Seconds with Walt Baker

Name Walt Baker
State of mind What Would Jon Peterson Do?
Grade 12
Color Red and black (Blue, but don’t tell anyone)
Music Sure
Hero Ned Stark
Sport to play Football
Sport to watch Chronum
Cafeteria item Sack lunch (thnx Mom)
Vegetable Rather not
Happiness Done with school
Misery Done with Super Smash
Place to live Cape Town
Sing in shower Too embarrassed by my own voice
Dream date Rose Leslie
Dream occupation Comfortably unemployed
Spot on campus Senior country
Comfort food All of it
Restaurant Queen Vic
Starbucks Meh
Love to hate Steven Lukens
Hate to love Steven Lukens
Holiday May 26
Treasured possession Coach Turley’s X76-SYY license plate
I collect Anything with a number 76
Feeling down Arrested Development
Special touch Is that extra?
OMG I can’t read
Can’t beat this GoT
I wish Unlimited wishes
Motto …I need a favor

Amy Kang
Online Editor

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