Jaywalking: Cotillion

In this special Cotillion episode of Jaywalking, tenacious suitor Jay Bhandari embarks on a journey across the storied cloisters to find a date to Cotillion. With expert advice from senior and dating expert Wain Wanguri, Jay takes action with confidence.

Featuring: Jay Bhandari as “Jay” and Wain Wanguri as “The Dating Expert”

Max Westmark

3 Responses to Jaywalking: Cotillion

  1. Austin says:

    This is really good! I already watched it twice

  2. Suman says:

    This is like my fav. Like OMG this is so great…. hahaha great job Jay and Max!!!

  3. Julian Henry says:

    Aiiiight. Shout number 2 to my boy Jay. Looking smooth as butter out there.

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