School Year Heralds New, Novel Clubs

Here are some new clubs to look out for during Wednesday’s club fair:

Cooking Club

Juniors Sarah Hansen and Anna Cauthorn founded the Cooking Club to eat and learn about new types of food. Inspired by their love of cooking and trying different foods, Hansen and Cauthorn plan to hold cook-offs and potluck food-fests, share recipes and explore the best restaurants and food trucks in Houston. The club also plans to meet during lunch to prepare delicious meals.

“We thought that a club devoted to food would be super fun,” Hansen said.

Youth and Government (YAG)

Sophomore Madison Trice founded the Youth and Government Club, a national YMCA-based model state government. Through YAG, students have the opportunity to be trained in one of four different areas of the government. Trice participated in YAG in Maryland before moving to Texas this year and met several congressmen, debated in her state’s capitol and attended a national conference, all through the organization.

“YAG gives students a voice and platform to share their passions and influence the world we live in,” Trice said.

One Direction Club

Juniors Mary Harvey, Maren Flood and Nina Manian decided to live while they’re young and create the One Direction Club in which members will listen to the British boy band’s songs, watch their videos and new movie, and learn information about each of the five band members.

“I want to bring together all of the awesome Directioners at St. John’s,” Flood said.

Maya Bhandari
Staff Writer


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