Best of Club Fair

With over 40 clubs (and even more baked goods) present at Club Fair, students may have a tough time deciding which clubs to join. To help with the arduous task of distinguishing between SAMC and One Direction Club, the Review staff has compiled a list of rankings:

Best Poster
1. One Direction
“We could feel it in our hearts that One Direction wanted us to do this,” junior and co-founder Maren Flood said. Their life-size cut-out of Zayn Malik and poster plastered with 1D pictures certainly attracted boys and girls alike.

2. Johnnycake
Basically, someone threw every art supply from Michael’s onto a poster and miraculously made it look pretty.

3. Cooking Club
Any poster with pictures of food automatically attracts the eyes (and stomachs) of students.

Best Food
1. Cooking Club
Because if Cooking Club didn’t top this list, that wouldn’t bode well for their overall success. And, to be fair, their food was awesome.

With cupcakes, brownies, cookies and more baked goods, WHEE proved that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

3. Wellness Club
Kiwi and mint smoothies provided a welcome respite from the scorching sun and plethora of chocolate-oriented treats present at Club Fair.

Best Advertising
With Beyonce’s music blaring in the background, senior Christie Dawson danced and proved that girls really do run the world.

2. EMC
Who doesn’t like loud music? Especially when EMC was blasting tunes at a decibel level high enough for those in Katy to hear.

3. Model UN
At first, all we saw was sophomore Gabe Malek with a cape in the middle of the Plaza, but we soon figured out that he was the moving advertisement for Model UN.

Most “SJS” Clubs
1. Mathematical Problem Solving Club
Senior Xavier Gonzalez enthusiastically encouraged students from all grade levels to sign up for MAPS, regardless of whether or not they actually enjoy math enough to participate outside of class.

2. Microfinance Club
The name itself justifies its presence on this list.

3. Mock Trial
The trial is fake, but the anger is real. Only at SJS.

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