Biology Teacher Toby Day Adds Life to Storied Cloisters


New to SJS this year, Upper School Biology teacher Toby Day enjoys guiding students to “aha moments.” (Cara Maines)

Coming from a family with seventeen siblings, Upper School Biology teacher Toby Day is accustomed to being around a lot of kids.

“One of the more difficult things has been getting used to a new schedule; that’s always challenging and a little hectic,” Day said.

Prior to coming to SJS this year, Day taught biology for seven years at both the regular and advanced levels at Sam Rayburn High School.

For Day, the most satisfying aspect of teaching is watching students as they unravel difficult concepts.

“My favorite part of teaching is seeing students’ ‘aha moments,’” Day said. “When we’re studying a hard concept, and they keep asking questions, eventually that light comes on.”

In addition to working in the science department, Day also has a freshman advisory.

Day was drawn to SJS by its focus on academics and emphasis on personal interaction with students.

“The students have high expectations for not only themselves, but also the school,” Day said.

He was also drawn to the storied cloisters by the students’ strong values of respect towards their teachers and each other.

“Teachers are treated like professionals,” Day said. “People really seem to respect and live up to the honor code as well.”

Day also spent nine years coaching volleyball. His approach to coaching is similar to his approach to teaching.

“Teaching in a classroom and practicing on the court pretty much go hand in hand. I’d love to be able to coach here in the future,” Day said.

Before becoming a teacher, Day studied at the University of Houston, earning a bachelor’s degree in biology. Before going on to earn a master’s degree in science education from the University of St. Thomas, Day also spent time working as an investment banker with Wells Fargo.

“I wanted to work in a field related to biology where I could also talk and communicate more,” Day said. “Teaching seemed liked the best fit.”

“His class is really fast paced,” freshman Emma Shea said. “He’s really nice and he’ll accommodate any questions that you have.”

Irene Vazquez
Staff Writer

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