Episcopal Week Introduces New Traditions, Spirit

As students walked between classes, Oct. 4, they heard not familiar hallway chatter, but the likes of U2 and Counting Crows.

This year, students and teachers celebrated the finale of Episcopal Week with not only a pep rally during lunch but also a Plazapalooza in the morning, an out of uniform “spirit day” and a musical guessing game throughout the day.

“We heard from a number of students, particularly from the spirit club, requests for music to be played in between classes on Fridays, particularly on big, fun Fridays,” Dean of Students Stephen Popp said. “We wanted to go along with it, but we also wanted to somehow involve the whole school.”

Popp and the spirit club captains decided to let one faculty member in each department select his or her favorite song, play the songs during passing periods through the speaker system and have students turn in ballots guessing which faculty member chose each song.  The prize for the winners will be a Whataburger gift card.

“Faculty members were sending their responses within minutes of the email, so they were really excited to be a part of it,” Popp said. “We will hopefully continue this music on Friday.  A number of faculty members who were not selected graciously offered to participate in the next round.”

“I loved the music game,” sophomore Emma Wertheimer said. “I really like how we know our teachers well enough that we can guess their favorite music.”

In addition to the music game, spirit club captains organized a pep rally during lunch, Oct. 4, in which varsity cheerleaders performed.

“Episcopal Week is one of the best weeks of the year to be a cheerleader, but also one of the hardest,” cheer captain Meg Bres said. “We have to make sure the dance is perfect while working on Kinkaid Week dances and reviewing cheers, which can get long and stressful.”

The pep rally included a dance off between students in all grade levels.  The winner was determined by which duo earned the most cheers.

“Justise Winslow’s dance moves were off the charts,” freshman Matthew Fastow said. “In addition to dance-offs, they should have saxophone battles.”

Sports captains from every fall team announced their scores from the week.

“One thing I think the spirit club has done very well this year is incorporating all the different teams.  That’s what it’s all about,” Popp said. “You’ll notice on the back of the ‘Beat Episcopal’ shirt it says Fall 2013 because we want all our students and all our student athletes to feel as if they’re a part of this, which they are.”

“I thought it was great to see so many people come out to support different sports like field hockey and volleyball,” senior cheerleader Gracie Voss said.

Between the Red-Out free dress day, music guessing games and the pep rally during lunch, students agreed that school spirit was high for Episcopal Week.

“I absolutely love the support this student body gives to each other throughout the week,” Bres said. “Being a cheerleader gets you the right in the action, which is such a great experience.”

Cara Maines
Assistant Online Editor

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