Girls’ Volleyball Threaten Knights in Close Match

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Junior Monica Dayao sets the ball to senior Chloe Francis. Francis’ powerful kill against the Knights helped boost the girls’ confidence to make a comeback in the third and fourth sets after losing the first two. (Jake Nyquist)

A clamor of screams, cheers and high-fives erupted from the stands when the Knights failed to return the ball. The Mavericks were one point away from winning their first set.

Despite a furious rally that saw the Mavs come back after losing the first two sets (25-15, 25-23), girls’ volleyball eventually lost to Episcopal in a five-set marathon, Oct. 3. The Mavericks evened the match by winning the third and fourth sets (25-15, 25-17) but lost the decisive final set, 15-10.

“It was one of the most hard-fought games that I’ve ever played in my life,” Captain Caroline Owens said. “It’s really hard to come back after losing, but that’s exactly what we accomplished.”

Despite the loss, the girls were proud that they managed to make a strong comeback mid-game.

“The girls played phenomenally and were a true team that night, more so than ever before,” Coach Julia Gibbs said.

Captains Caroline Labanowski and Owens, as well as sophomore Sydney Moye were leading hitters. Senior Chloe Francis also played powerful kill that revived the team’s spirits.

“She hit the ball as hard as she could to get the kill, and it was the best play of the game by far,” junior Monica Dayao said. “It just brought the energy back in everyone because we were so excited.”

The girls consider Episcopal, Houston Christian, St. Mary’s Hall and Kinkaid to be the Mavericks’ biggest SPC competitors. Episcopal is currently 13-2 while Kinkaid is 16-2 this season, but with their victories in the St. Mary’s Hall Tournament and the Texas Tornadoes Tournament, the players are confident they can come out on top at SPC.

“The teams this year are really even matched, so it all comes down to team mentality, and whether we can rise to compete on the given day,” Gibbs said. “That’s our strength; we have support for each other and motivation.”

The team is currently at 10 wins, nine losses and three ties and will play St. Mary’s Hall at Liu Court, Oct. 11, and Kinkaid, Oct. 29.

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