A Day In the Life of a One-Act Cast Member

7:25 a.m. -2:40 p.m.: Catch up on lost sleep.

2:40: Time to wake up and get to work.

2:45: Run over to the concession stand and grab some purple Gatorade and Mentos for dinner.

2:50: Time to start my homework, proceed to watch a Disney movie for an hour.

4:00: Dinner starts in the Lower School Cafeteria, I, of course, sit at the teacher’s table where I have made my reservation. #precocious.

4:05: Eat my Bullrito in silence.

5:00: Time to change into my stylish baby-blue sweater vest.

5:05-6:00: Try to learn how to tie a tie. I’m unsuccessful.

6:00: The stage is set. The first one-act begins, mine is third.

7:00: I step onto the stage; the lights are way too hot and bright for someone wearing winter clothes.

7:02: Try to pour wine while giving a monologue, once again, unsuccessful.

7:08: Try not to laugh when junior Andrew Jing calls me his brother. Nope.

7:10: Step offstage. Success!

7:30: Take headshots. Now the beauty of the sweater vest will be captured forever.

8:00: Change out of costume and into a scarily similar school uniform. I grow weary that I’m becoming my character.

8:15: Get notes.

8:30: Hop in my ‘97 Toyota Camry and head home.

8:40: Ignore all homework. I can do that in study hall tomorrow!

9:00: Time for another Disney movie!

Oliver Ruhl
Online Copy Editor

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