Top Nine: Nap Spots

Why WHAP when you can nap? Between sports, fine arts and extracurriculars, the average SJS student doesn’t have much time for rest. Using our extensive research teams, we have compiled a list of the most soporific napping sites on the SJS campus to help you catch enough Z’s to get an A.

1. 3rd Floor Mewbourne Couches
No one will want to hike up all those stairs to disturb you, and there’s nothing like math to set you to sleep.

2. Bench at the Intersection of the Quad
A classic for a lunchtime snooze.

3. Gray couches by the Admin. Rooms
Nap classy by the administrators’ rooms. The gray, plush couches on the far side of the quad add an air of sophistication to your slumber. Just keep the snoring to a minimum.

4. Junior couch
Sorry, sleepy sophomores! This couch is for upperclassmen only. Cross the stairwell to the other side of the hallway for a much calmer morning experience.

5. Senior country
Bundle up in various sweatshirts, blankets, and snuggies for a refrigerating recharge.

6. Bench across from S204
Come early before it gets crowded with the sophomores’ sweaty sports equipment.

7. Trammell Room
First or second period is the prime time to recline if you want to avoid being pelted with ping-pong balls.

8. The Quiet Side of the Library
Pick up a thick, incomprehensible book (we recommend “Moby Dick”) and you’ll drift right off in between the cluttered and woefully deserted bookshelves of Taub Library.

9. 3rd Floor Quad
It’s dark, quiet, and nobody goes up there ever. The third floor Quad is the perfect place to hide a dead body! Er, I mean, take a nap.

Brooke Kushwaha
Staff Writer

One Response to Top Nine: Nap Spots

  1. Suman says:

    Brooke – I totally agree about 3rd floor Mewbourne
    Those stairs are cardio

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