60 Seconds with Boys’ Volleyball Captains

name justin bernard
grade 12
state of mind kinkaid week
known for dancing on tables
color red
hate to love tough workouts
love to hate autocorrecf
happiness success
misery end of kinkai week
sports team rockets
olympic sport men’s volleyball
fav spot on campus sump
dream date girls’ vball team
relationship status 😉
comfort food sweet potatoes
guilty pleasure youtube binge-watching
cafeteria food croissants
place to live malibu
i wish for an antidote for senioritis (for next semester, of course)
treasured possession hair
the best thing southzone champs!!!!!
spirit animal dragon
hero batman
superpower flight
fictional character sherlock holmes
book toes are to tickle
tv show psych
movie the dark knight
video game nba 2k14
website sandbox.schoolpress.co/review
phobia failure
stress reliever relaxing…
hidden talent i don’t use hair gel
motto p.t. yager
anthem all star
doppelganger my reflection
sing in the shower? of course
i am doing this later than i should…
item of clothing black midcalfs
secretly young
i’d rather tell you all these things in person 😉
follow us? i would, but i don’t have a twitter 🙁

name matthew kreutter
grade a
state of mind texas
known for (doing) nothing
color black on red
hate to love paul labanowski
love to hate paul labanowski (again)
happiness chocolate eclair day
misery no senior tea on fridays
sports team obligatory “mavs!”
olympic sport volleyall
fav spot on campus s208
dream date kate upton
relationship status @ariadayandnight
comfort food easy mac
guilty pleasure wrecking ball
cafeteria food beef stew
place to live singapore
i wish i wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart
treasured possession computer
the best thing internet
spirit animal sloth
hero dr. raulston
superpower mind control
fictional character ender
book ender’s game
tv show psych
movie warrior
video game lol
website iwastesomuchtime.com
phobia spiders
stress reliever procrastination
hidden talent too arrogant to have any hidden ones
motto i can twerk with it
anthem ain’t worried about nothin’
doppelganger fred
sing in the shower? nah
i am king
item of clothing v-neck undershirt
secretly sensitive
i’d rather not
follow us? naps says follow it or

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