60 Seconds with Girls’ Cross Country Captains

name @_get_sleazy (alezeh rauf)
grade weighted or unweighted?
state of mind tired
known for politics
color brown
hate to love mile repeats
love to hate ice baths
happiness post-race naps
misery morning practice
sports team sjs girls xc!!!!!!!
olympic sport rugby
fav spot on campus couch in mr. nathan’s room
dream date richard madden (robb stark)
relationship status 😉
comfort food bread
guilty pleasure pomegranate and hot chocolate swirled froyo with chocolate chips and mango from pinkberry
cafeteria food chicken sandwich
place to live forbes ranks houston as #1
i wish HILLARY ’16
treasured possession tiger tail
the best thing 2nd semester
spirit animal alpaca
hero the emperor
superpower can eat a chick-fil-a sandwich before a workout
fictional character lisbeth salander (the girl with the dragon tattoo)
book nice is just a place in france
tv show phineas and ferb
movie star wars original trilogy
video game super mario galaxy
website www.athletic.net
phobia the bat cave
stress reliever sunday long runs
hidden talent getting injured
motto drake?
anthem survivor – destiny’s child
doppelganger srini? alyyah?
sing in the shower? only justin timberlake
i am legend
item of clothing cape
secretly how the NSA thought they were spying
i’d rather fight 100 duck-sized horses
follow us? if you can… we run fast

name elise viguet
grade 12
state of mind SPC
known for running around
color super white
hate to love morning practice
love to hate ice baths
happiness cross-country
misery cross-country
sports team MAVERICKS
olympic sport badmitten
fav spot on campus the cafeteria
dream date Hunter Kowalski <3
relationship status in a relationship with netflix
comfort food chocolate rice krispies
guilty pleasure chocolate rice krispies
cafeteria food chocolate rice krispies
place to live wyoming
i wish that this wasn’t my last year of xc :'(
treasured possession tiger tail
the best thing ripping paper out of a notebook in a straight line
spirit animal emma wertheimer
hero coach fabre
superpower super speed – jk that’s the underclassmen
fictional character daryl dixon
book The year of the flood
tv show arrested development
movie emperor’s new groove
video game star wars battle front II
website whipplehill
phobia phobia
stress reliever jammin’ to backstreet boys
hidden talent picking up things with my feet
motto free the spirit
anthem uoeno
doppelganger delicious #torchies
sing in the shower? only if it’s backstreet boys
i am looking for molly
item of clothing coach fabre’s running clothes
secretly I didn’t change my profile picture to a giraffe when I got the riddle wrong
i’d rather be reading an issue of the review
follow us? of course!

name molly vitek
grade senior
state of mind victory
known for always eating
color blue
hate to love morning practice
love to hate ice baths
happiness sleeping in late (aka past 7 am)
misery college apps
sports team mavericks girls xc (duh)
olympic sport any long distance running event, especially steeplechase
fav spot on campus senior country
dream date luke bryan
relationship status dating michael bloom
comfort food chocolate
guilty pleasure tv, don’t ask me which shows
cafeteria food it’s perfect for tiding me over until senior tea
treasured possession foam roller and tiger tail
spirit animal wolf
hero sampson and bailey (my dogs)
superpower super speed
fictional character scooby doo
book sherlock holmes
tv show sherlock
movie star wars (IV, V, VI)
video game bejeweled
website hulu
phobia black widow spiders
stress reliever running
hidden talent texas two step.
motto Not yolo
sing in the shower? no, that’s what the car is for
item of clothing running tights
i’d rather have xc season never end
follow us? …no comment

name srini
grade 12
state of mind dazed and confused OR high on speed
known for being the other maya bhandari
color red and black
hate to love meets
love to hate last 10 minutes before the race
happiness runners high – endorphins!
misery 4:40 am morning practice alarm
sports team girls’ cross country 🙂
olympic sport womens’ track
fav spot on campus cafeteria
dream date akshay jaggi
relationship status it’s complicated with cross country
comfort food any carb
guilty pleasure pre-race carboloading
cafeteria food see comfort food
place to live malibu
i wish i could be coach fabre
treasured possession running skirts
the best thing when i can bench more than 55 at weights #sjsswole
spirit animal coach jensen
hero coach fabre
superpower convincing myself to complete races
website whatshouldrunnerscallme.tumblr.com
phobia watch not starting during race/practice
stress reliever chocolate (am i supposed to say running?)
hidden talent ability to constantly think about chocolate
motto “indian by birth, kenyan at heart”
anthem i’m in it – kanye west
doppelgänger maya bhandari
item of clothing running tights
secretly i once tried to play field sports
i’d rather not run a marathon
follow us? i’m the social media editor lol

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