60 Seconds with Girls’ Volleyball Captains

name caroline owens
grade 12
state of mind absent
known for my unique first name
color aquamarine
hate to love miley cyrus
love to hate miley cyrus
happiness food
misery lack of food
sports team VOLLEYBALL
olympic sport VOLLEYBALL
fav spot on campus senior country
dream date johnny depp
relationship status single šŸ˜‰
comfort food all food
guilty pleasure crave cupcakes
cafeteria food churros
place to live new orleans
i wish we were D1
treasured possession spandex
the best thing candy crush
spirit animal the blackbird
hero coach fuller
fictional character hunter s thompson
book greys anatomy
tv show greys anatomy
movie tangled
video game amnesia
website facebook
phobia airplanes
stress reliever food
hidden talent eating
sing in the shower? loudly
i am left handed
item of clothing sweat pants
follow us? don’t know how

name caroline labanowski
grade 12
state of mind 1st semester
known for height
color crimson
hate to love gas pedal
love to hate the kardashians
happiness breakfast food
misery the track
sports team boys vb team
olympic sport beach vb
fav spot on campus senior tea
dream date fred lang
relationship status šŸ˜‰
comfort food brownie mix
guilty pleasure crave cupcakes
cafeteria food sausage biscuits
place to live not houston
i wish that this wasn’t the longest 60 seconds I ever spent
the best thing living
spirit animal giraffe
hero ron swanson
superpower shape shifting
fictional character betty suarez
book bob
tv show grey’s
movie i-robot
video game can i put candy crush here
website netflix
phobia first floor of my house
stress reliever parks and rec
hidden talent reaching things in high places for strangers
motto veritas
anthem roar
doppelganger heidi burge (from double teamed)
sing in the shower? for days
i am yc
item of clothing vb spandex
iā€™d rather submit this without answering
follow us? if i had a twitter, absolutely

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