Not Without Honor


In this short film, Emma Gobillot investigates the role of integrity and service within the SJS community. “Not Without Honor,” the phrase echoed in both the classrooms and the playing fields, embodies the guiding principle of SJS students. Using the Maverick motto as a stepping stone, Gobillot expands to community service and support groups like WHEE and Boys 2 Men.

Featured are Headmaster Mark Desjardins, senior WHEE Executive Council Member Srini Kumar, Physics Teacher and Boys 2 Men Founder Erol Turk and Upper School Community Service Coordinator Marci Bahr.

Emma Gobillot
Video Editor

3 Responses to Not Without Honor

  1. Kathy Van Wie says:

    Very nice video! Kudos to Emma and Megan.

  2. Cara Henderson says:

    Super cool video, Emma and Megan! I’m so proud of you!

  3. Suman Atluri says:

    Really good video, Emma!
    They should use this at an open house or something 🙂

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