Visual Arts Showcase Features Student Work

The Upper School Visual Arts Showcase opened Nov. 6. The exhibit, located in the VST lobby, features artwork that students complete outside of school as well as projects from last spring and this fall semester’s art classes.

Listed below are a few of the featured artists. The exhibition will be open throughout November for visitors to peruse the complete exhibit.

There are three paintings in senior Andrei Osypov’s display. One is of what appears to be a small town sitting atop a vale with a mountain in the background.


By Andrei Osypov (Jared Margolis)

Another of Osypov’s works features a similar design. A small black figure walks along a bridge with a hedge blocking out the sun. The last painting is of a boy kneeling in grass, clutching a gray stuffed bear. The juxtaposition of light and dark in the three paintings is what makes them stand out.


By Andrei Osypov (Jared Margolis)

Expansive and striking, junior Tiffany Yue’s oil painting caught the eyes of all attendees. While the main focus is on the woman in the middle panel, the delicate feathers floating in the rightmost panel add an ephemeral touch. The kaleidoscopic light caught in the folds of the sheet is breath-taking.


By Tiffany Yue (Jared Margolis)

Junior Collins Yeates has two panoramas in his exhibit. One consists of two women sprinting with foliage in the background. The next showcases the pumpkin yard near St. Luke’s Church. Junior Paige Raun’s panorama captures the excitement of a stadium audience.


Top two by Collins Yeates. Third by Paige Raun (Jared Margolis)

Sophomore Lillian Chen’s drawing of a horse draws eyes with vibrant colors and a seamlessly embedded treble clef. Each color blends into the next in the subtle shifts in color used in the horse’s body. Each color faded seamlessly into the next.


By Lillian Chen (Jared Margolis)

Sophomore Noel Higgason’s piece is a photographic self-portrait of herself running against an all-white background. The stark contrast between Higgason’s dark uniform and the bright, white background embolden the subject.


By Noel Higgason (Jared Margolis)

Junior Alex Sheinbaum’s portrait of Tiffany Yue brings to mind the classic “Reflection” scene from Disney’s “Mulan.” The dramatic makeup on one half of Yue’s face sets off a dramatic contrast that is multiplied in effect by the dizzying array of mirror images.


By Alex Sheinbaum (Jared Margolis)

Sheinbaum also created two collage-like photographic works. Both are composed of various peoples’ faces, with rectangle-shaped parts arranged to fit together, forming one larger face.


By Alex Sheinbaum (Jared Margolis)

Freshman Sunnie Liu’s works included two self-portraits and a vivid color-pencil illustration of a beagle. Liu brings the beagle to life with thousands of minute pencil strokes.


By Sunnie Liu (Jared Margolis)

Irene Vazquez and Christian Maines
Staff Writers

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