Student Choreography Showcase Preview

The Upper School Dance Department will present original works from 11 student choreographers in the Student Choreography Showcase, directed by Dance Teacher Dorrell Martin. The dance concert will be performed Friday, Dec. 6, at 7:oo p.m. in the VST Lowe Theater. The program includes:

Choreographer: Tiffany Yue

Juniors Eleni McGee and Aanie Shah Phillips and senior Lydia Liu will dance to a piece by Mums.


Keep Me Dreaming
Choreographer: Anna Huang

Seniors Elisabeth Andreeff, Anna Huang, Claire Jones, Janine Louie, Samantha Neal and Danielle Rubin will dance to a piece by the iconic rock band, The Black Keys.

“I chose this song because it was a pretty different style than what I had done for last year’s showcase, and I wanted to try something new,” Huang said. “Choreographing and teaching the dance took about 2-3 months. I’m hoping that my piece makes people reconsider when they feel like giving up on their dreams.”


Let Me Love You
Choreographer: Kristen Santiago & J.T. Trauber

Seniors Kristen Santiago and J.T. Trauber will perform a sweet duet to a piece by Mario.

“This is my favorite song of all time, and the style of choreography is a mixture of Kristen’s contemporary and my hip-hop with some partner dancing thrown in,” Trauber said. “It’s a happily-ever-after story that’ll leave the audience with an ‘awww’ moment, for sure.”

“We chose the song to enjoy the experience, which is why it took us took us more than twenty hours to put the dance together,” Santiago said.


Cellular Level
Choreographer: Iris Cronin

Juniors Iris Cronin, Elizabeth Elrod and Mia Saade and sophomore Hannah Curtis will perform to a piece by the English indie rock band Daughter.


To Build a Home
Choreographer: Christina McGee and Eleni McGee

Freshman Christina McGee and junior Eleni McGee will take the stage to an instrumental song by British jazz and electronic band Cinematic Orchestra.

“My sister and I are making great use of the song’s varying tempos,” Eleni said. “The piece probably took a month to fully complete, so we definitely felt satisfaction of a finished product!”


Choreographer: Aanie Shah Phillips

Juniors Morgan Lerner and Eleni McGee,  freshman Christina McGee and senior and Kristen Santiago will perform to a song by Natalie Walker.

“My choreography fits into the story expressed in the song,” Phillips said. “Unlike last year, I didn’t have a pre-conceived idea for this dance. I went with whatever I was feeling while I choreographed.”


I Wish…
Choreographer: Janine Louie

Seniors Elisabeth Andreeff, Anna Huang, Claire Jones, Lydia Liu, Janine Louie, Alyyah Malick, Katherine McFarlin, Samantha Neal and Danielle Rubin will perform to a piece by pop artist Ellie Goulding.


Choreographer: Kristen Santiago

In tribute to her grandfather, Hector H. Santiago, senior Kristen Santiago will perform to songs by Dustin O’ Halloran and Mumford & Sons.

“I drew my inspiration from my grandfather’s death, so my solo follows my finding out about his death with my sister, my experience in the wake, and then my process in coming to terms with the fact that he’s in a better place,” Santiago said. “I searched for a somber song for the death and decided that silence best portrayed my experience. The final song by Mumford & Sons also expressed exactly what I needed.”


Choreographer: Rebecca Nikonowicz

Sophomores Amy Dong, Isabella Sturgis and Hannah Curtis, and juniors Sophie Gershenwald, Zoe Margolis, Rebecca Nikonowicz and Katherine Wu will perform to a piece by violinist and YouTube sensation Lindsey Sterling.

“I could see the dance in my head with this song choice, and I didn’t really plan it all out,” Nikonowicz said. “I just kind of moved around until I found something I liked.”


Choreographer: Tiffany Yue

Juniors Kate Bomar, Sarah Hansen, Zoe Margolis, Katherine Wu and Tiffany Yue will perform to a piece by the English electronic music duo Disclosure.


Never Alone
Choreographer: Morgan Lerner

Freshman Christina McGee, juniors Eleni McGee and Aanie Shah Phillips, and senior Kristen Santiago will perform to a song by Imogene Heap.

“My inspiration for this was in the dancers because they literally use each other for support, which accurately mirrors the main idea of this piece,” Lerner said.

Amy Liu
Staff Writer

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