Rushmore Revisited

Wes Anderson’s (’87) “Rushmore” may have been filmed on campus in the winter of 1997, but scenes from the cult classic can still be brought to life at SJS.

The Quad, though now used for Senior Tea, can be easily transformed into a fencing arena, especially with the help of actual competitive fencers.



Although the campus is home to a host of extracurriculars from Harry Potter Club to Microfinance Club, the eccentricity of offerings pales in comparison to those of Rushmore. We doubt that the Beekeepers will appear at Club Fair next fall even though some families, like the Fastows, actually keep hives.



Rushmore and SJS are similar in their emphasis on academics. If last year’s prom at the library was any indication, students appreciate spending quality time with works of literature. At least SJS students tend to understand the importance of returning books on time. “The Wes Anderson Collection” by Matt Setiz will be available at the library as soon as The Review returns it.



Still, we can’t ignore that the campus has changed since Anderson’s crew descended on his alma mater. The plaza is less of a student hangout, and Upper School carpool no longer runs through the circle as it did in the “Rushmore” era.



Aspects of SJS, such as the limestone buildings and inviting Quad, are and will likely remain immediately recognizable as Rushmore. At least our state champion Advanced Certamen team ensures that we will never need Max Fischer to save Latin.



Photos by Jake Nyquist
Photo Editor

Story by Samantha Neal

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