French Symposium Results

Top-ranked students, overall competition
#6 Irene Vazquez
#7 Sarah Bland
#9 Mia Mirkovic
#10 Valentina Diaz

1st place medals
Valentina Diaz: level 1 grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, prose recitation
Sarah Bland: level 4 grammar
Gabe Bennett-Brandt: level 4 drama solo/monologue
Henry Paradise: level 1 drama solo/monologue, guided speaking
Irene Vazquez: level 2 drama solo/monologue
Drama Group level 1-2: Christian Maines, Victoria Lima, Irene Vazquez, Maddie Shen
Soccer team (tournament, all levels): Mady Beckner, Ben Bieser, Vasia Pobedinski, Gabe Bennett-Brandt, Alex Hammerman, Andrei Osypov, Brandon Alston, Chris Zimmerman

2nd place medals
Valentina Diaz: level 1 prose
Irene Vazquez: level 2 civilization, listening comprehension
Mia Mirkovic: level 3 vocabulary, civilization, listening comprehension
Cara Maines: level 4 civilization
Richard Appel: level 4 listening comprehension
Gabe Bennett-Brandt: level 4 sight reading
Iris Cronin: level 5 sight reading, drama solo/monologue
Priyanka Jain: watercolor (all levels)
Baccalareat (quiz bowl): Richard Appel, Valentina Diaz, Sarah Bland, Maddie Shen

3rd place medals
Sarah Bland: level 4 vocabulary, civilization
Vasia Pobedinski: level 5-6 listening comprehension
Advanced drama group: Claire Gorman, Saul Malek, Gabe Malek, Mia Mirkovic, Chris Zimmerman

4th place ribbons
Mary Harvey: level 1 listening comprehension
Henry Paradise: level 1 listening comprehension, civilization
Christian Maines: level 2 civilization
Irene Vazquez: level 2 grammar, vocabulary
Mia Mirkovic: level 3 grammar
Gabe Bennett-Brandt: level 4 listening comprehension
Claire Gorman: level 4 vocabulary
Ben Bieser: level 5/6 listening comprehension
Vocal group: Iris Cronin, Elizabeth Elrod, McKenna Gessner, Claire Gorman, Mia Mirkovic, Irene Vazquez, Priyanka Jain

5th place ribbons
Helen Dodd: level 2 grammar
Victoria Lima: level 2 vocabulary, listening comprehension
Gabe Bennet-Brandt: level 4 listening comprehension
Sarah Bland: level 4 listening comprehension, guided speaking
Claire Gorman: level 4 listening comprehension
Richard Appel: level 4  grammar
Vasia Pobedinski: level 5/6 grammar

6th place ribbons
Mary Harvey: level 1 sight reading/prose
Chris Zimmerman: level 3 sight reading/prose
Priyanka Jain: level 4 civilization
Mia Mirkovic: level 3 guided speaking
Iris Cronin: level 5/6 listening comprehension, poetry recitation, guided speaking
Vasia Pobedinski: level 5/6 poetry recitation
Andrei Osypov: pencil/charcoal drawing (all levels)

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