60 Seconds with prefect candidates

Get to know your candidates before tomorrow’s prefect election. Note that not all candidates are listed.

name tanvi varadhachary
campaign slogan good things come in short packages
vision for sjs  more of a community by building bridges across grades. and paninis
known for most absences this year. eat your heart out, ferris bueller
homecoming theme in the jungle
state of mind let it go

name brandon alston
campaign slogan hit the #naenae with the danceman, vote Brandon Alston as head prefect
vision for sjs see 2014-2015 be the best year for all upper school students
known for approachability and dancing
homecoming theme mascarade or superheroes
state of mind nothing better than  little stress

name gabe bennett-brandt
campaign slogan vote for the babe, gabe the babe
vision for sjs more community, more involvement, more listening for input, online sharing of ideas via something like sjs confessions
known for fantastic hair
homecoming theme something with less sweat
state of mind turn down for what

name stephen wang
campaign slogan your votes are “precious” to me
vision for sjs making the campus rivendell, not hogwarts
known for my egregious sock tan and occasionally tickling the ivories
homecoming theme neon lights
state of mind optimistic with a pinch of nervousness

name vasia pobedinski
campaign slogan we look out for each other
vision for sjs 20/20
known for robots
homecoming theme get it with the online suggestion system i’m making
state of mind fired up

campaign slogan vote for henry and you’ll be in paradise!
vision for sjs orange, and lots of it.
known for hot sox
homecoming theme dress like nobody cares!
state of mind clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

name vamsi mohan
campaign slogan don’t mess with the mohan
vision for sjs coming together during a time when construction is ubiquitous
known for my thorax
homecoming theme pool party
state of mind new delhi state of mind

name elizabeth cregan
campaign slogan vote for me even though i used way too many pop-culture references in this
vision for sjs rushmore
known for horatio_caine_
homecoming theme that thing from the end of 13 going on 30
state of mind someone just told me not to say “empire” :/

name isabel wallace-green
campaign slogan iz you with me?
vision for sjs a world “harlem shake”-less
known for tearing my acl doing the harlem shake
homecoming theme construction chic
state of mind #caw

name reece wallace
campaign slogan taste the rainbow
vision for sjs rushmore academy
known for elusive kilt
homecoming theme miley cyrus
state of mind based

name ben bieser
campaign slogan hit the bies and you’ll be pleased (huah)
vision for sjs authenticity, transparency, fairness
known for “carpet shoes” aka my ratty urban outfitters kicks
homecoming theme normcore or late-90’s tracksuits
state of mind #based

name meghna dara
campaign slogan do you like eggs? vote for megs! (nothing else rhymes with my name #indian problems)
vision for sjs hogwarts, oh wait, that’s already happening
known for hp club and sac scavenger hunt
homecoming theme vvengers
state of mind nervcited! combo of nervous and excited

name alex cherches
campaign slogan no need to search, vote for cherch
vision for sjs get the ice cream man an ice cream truck
known for my russian dad
homecoming theme 90’s
state of mind one love

name akshay jaggi
vision for sjs 20/20
known for my evil twin, ashkay
homecoming theme neon
state of mind most excellent

name dara akbar ladjevardian
campaign slogan dara wants your vote
vision for sjs more active house system, ice Machines, pralines and cream, and surviving construction
known for rec specs, microwaving ice cream, being hairy, and loving milk
homecoming theme superheroes (marvel, dc, comic books)
state of mind determined, devoted, and driven

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