60 seconds with the Boehme twins

Freshmen James and Emma Boehme star in the first official 60 Seconds video from the Review Online. As Emma interviews her brother, the twins present their unique and complex identities by responding to questions like “Favorite Olympic sport?” and “Spirit animal?”

Max Westmark

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  1. Max W. says:

    Glad you asked. Fun fact- I get around 400 to 500 Jaywalking fan fictions of various mediums (stage, television, novella, etc.) every day. I’m usually able to throw it away after a very brief analysis and critique of the letter’s CMYK color value and stamp choice. Here’s where it gets interesting.

    -I get an interesting letter in the mail. It has no return address, and has a stamp that simply says “The Lost Episode”. Utterly baffled, I open the letter. What mysteries could it possibly hold?

    ‘Max, I loved what you did with Jaywalking. In fact, I took the liberty of creating a ‘lost episode’ that I relinquish all legal rights too for you to use at your discretion. Love, -Your Biggest Fan’.

    The ‘lost episode’ consisted of Jay and a fictitious twin sister (story arcs, man) that sat on a couch, addressing various questions of a seemingly unrelated variety. Simply put, it was brilliant. However, Jay wasn’t ready to address the major physical discrepancy between the source material and our reality: the fictitious Jay’s red hair. As a purveyor of cinematic arts, I was convinced that “The Lost Episode” could only be completed with a stand-in. I scanned the yearbook and directory, and found the perfect star- best friend and theatrical alum James Boehme. As you probably have noticed, “Jay” and “James” both start with “Ja”, a coincidence I found to be cinematically perfect for my opus. As I began cleaning the set for the first day of photography, an editor pulled me to the side, and requested that I change the name from “The Final Episode” to “60 Seconds With James and Emma Boehme”. And thus, a legend was born.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Love, Max

  2. Julian Henry says:

    Where’s Jay?

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