60 Seconds with Boys Volleyball Captains

Captains William Breckwoldt and Justin Bernard block a shot. (Meredith Lloyd)

Captains William Breckwoldt and Justin Bernard block a shot. (Meredith Lloyd)

name Jason
state of mind tired
color blue
music Kpop
movie The Perfect Score
book Way of the Shadows by Brent Weeks
tv show Big Bang Theory
hero Bo Daniels
professional sports team Taipei Assassins
restaurant Teahouse
breakfast Kiwi
cafeteria item Spaghetti
comfort food Bubble Tea
vegetable Cucumbers
happiness No grades.
misery Writing.
place to live Air-conditioned and wireless connection.
sing in the shower? Nope.
superpower Mind-Reading.
holiday Summer vacation.
treasured possession Internet.
i collect Pens.
the best thing Tetris
did you know? I can hold a dime between the tendons of my middle finger?
can’t beat this 90 piece dodecahedron modular origami.
i wish School started later.
just do it! Nike?
motto When in doubt, duck.

name Justin Bernard
state of mind Pumped
color RED
music Macklemore
movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail
book Invisible Man
tv show Psych
hero Batman
professional sports team Da Bulls
restaurant Lupe Tortillas
breakfast WHEATIES
cafeteria item Muffins
comfort food Victory
vegetable Yams
love to hate Reality TV
hate to love Workouts
happiness Applause
misery Not having anything to do after school
place to live California…or NYC
sing in the shower Of course
dream date Girls vball team
superpower “flight”
fav spot on campus the campus
relationship status 😉
holiday How old is Mrs. Mulligan anyway?
treasured possession Hair
i collect Facebook notifications
the best thing Olympics
omg wut
did you know? Yes, yes I did
can’t beat this SJS Mavericks
i wish For more wishes
just do it WIN SPC
motto The harder you work, the better it feels when you’re done

name kreutter
state of mind empire
color half white, half yellow
music call me, maybe?
movie gladiator
book ender’s game
tv show psych
hero enrique iglesias
professional sports team rockets
restaurant cafe express
breakfast whata
cafeteria item cookie cone
comfort food rice krispie treat
vegetable broccoli
love to hate paul labanowski
hate to love paul labanowski
happiness getting down on friday
misery just another manic monday
place to live singapore
sing in the shower? leona lewis
dream date tbd
superpower teleportation
fav spot on campus s208
relationship status e-harmony isn’t working out
holiday christmas
treasured possession computer
i collect wins
the best thing existence
omg becky
did you know? the internet isn’t always right
can’t beat this kinkaid video 2012
i wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life
just do it! yolo
motto door’s that way

name William Breckwoldt
state of mind #winning
color White, but tan.
music Drum Corps
movie The Big Lebowski
book Book?
tv show Key and Peele
hero Dr. Raulston
professional sports team SJS Men’s VB
restaurant The Cafeteria
cafeteria item Senior Tea.
comfort food Senior Tea!
vegetable Senior Tea?
love to hate Haters.
hate to love Trolls.
happiness Paul Labanowski.
misery Also Paul Labanowski.
place to live Someplace quiet, with oxygen.
sing in the shower? Loudly.
dream date Febuary 9 (get it? date?)
superpower I can predict coin flips, sometimes.
fav spot on campus Next to u 😉 jk, actually the art loft.
relationship status The back of your head is ridiculous.
holiday Friday
treasured possession yo’ numbah
i collect Laughs. Especially Dr. Raulston’s.
the best thing Dino Club hoodies
omg Elaine!!
did you know? This took more than 60 seconds
can’t beat this VB team
i wish Love, money, happiness, sleep. Oh, also world peace.
just do it! //Quiet
motto The Dude Abides


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