60 Seconds with Girls Cross-Country Captains


Girls XC wins big at ramblename Ginge (Martha Daniel)
state of mind All over the place
color Red and black
music Whatever Andrew recommends
movie See above
book Textbook du jour
tv show New Girl. Always.
hero Whoever invented ice baths
professional sports team Houston Dynamo
restaurant Local Foods
breakfast Most be portable
cafeteria item Ice water
comfort food Carbo-load
vegetable Not during cross country
love to hate Morning practice
hate to love Morning practice
happiness Ice baths (after you go numb)
misery 200m repeats
place to live Not Houston
sing in the shower? Only to my iTunes “shower” playlist
dream date Jammin’ at a concert
superpower Super-Hydration
fav spot on campus Anywhere but Senior Country
relationship status Third-Wheelin’
holiday Wednesdays
treasured possession Nalgene
i collect Injuries
the best thing Hitting “submit” on the Common App
omg This is taking WAY longer than 60 seconds
did you know? That 5:30AM actually exists?!
can’t beat this Promised Land chocolate milk after intervals
i wish It was second semester
just do it! Don’t tell me what to do!
motto Be here now


name Kristen “k-dog” Santiago
state of mind Jammin’
color Cerulean
music Martha’s Workout CD
movie Kinkaid Movie
book hah
tv show SYTYCD (look it up)
hero Kleinstub
professional sports team Fab Five?
restaurant Ruggles
breakfast oatmeal for sixteen years, kids
cafeteria item chocolate chip muffins
comfort food tres leches
vegetable love them greens
love to hate ice baths
hate to love ice baths
happiness the training room
misery stress fractures
place to live dance studio
sing in the shower? more like dance
superpower stealth
fav spot on campus cafeteria…nommss
relationship status SINGLE
holiday whenever Gabs is home
treasured possession water bottle
i collect safety pins from xc meets
the best thing sleep
omg we beat Kinkaid!
did you know? You can get taller in space
can’t beat this my height
i wish I were 5’
just do it! run with a fractured leg
motto Sorry, I have dance

NOTE: Catherine Sullivan is also a captain but declined to participate


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