60 Seconds with Girls Volleyball Captains

Captain Kate Bres serves (Anna Huang)

Captain Kate Bres serves (Anna Huang)

name Jane Labanowski
state of mind senioritis
color crimson
music The Unbelievers
movie I Robot
book Eragon
tv show Jane by Design
hero Jackie O
professional sports team Sugarland Skeeters
restaurant Relish
breakfast I really love waking up Sunday mornings to Larry baking chocolate chip pancakes. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked goods.
cafeteria item hard boiled eggs
vegetable brussel sprouts
love to hate gardening
hate to love fail compilations
happiness hit her like a train on the track
misery there ain’t nobody who can comfort me
place to live Decorah, Iowa
dream date Dill Wuson
superpower animagus
relationship status fb official with Chris Farish
holiday Christmas
omg Dr Peterson
did you know? I hit 6 ft in 6th grade
i wish I remembered being born


name Kate Bres
state of mind Hungry
color Red & Black
music Caroline’s depressing IPOD
movie The Lizzie McGuire Movie
book The Clique Series
tv show The Voice
hero James Fuller
professional sports team The ‘Stros
restaurant Chipotle
breakfast Jan’s muffins
cafeteria item Water
comfort food Hummus
vegetable Broccoli
love to hate Chewing Gum
hate to love Justin Bieber
happiness Kinkaid Week
misery The Monday after Kinkaid Week
place to live Linda the Honda
sing in the shower? Defying Gravity
dream date Kory Haywood
superpower My Sense of Smell
fav spot on campus My advisory
relationship status I’m legally not allowed to disclose this information
holiday Field Day
treasured possession Der’s Sweatshirt
i collect Kisses (Hersheys)
the best thing Riding on a motorcycle
omg Becky look
did you know? My great-great-great grandmother turned down George Washington
can’t beat this Varsity Vball


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