Winter Fashion Trends


Winter is in full swing! The temperatures are dropping, and people are shivering as they walk down the street. This is your chance to finally pull out all those big winter coats… But wait! You have some choices: striped or solid, light or dark, peppy or preppy. Here are my top five fashion tips for this winter:

  1. Dark colors are IN this winter. Rummage through your closet to find those blue and black coats in the back of your closet.
  2. Use the scarfs! No matter how you wear it, a scarf is a nice way to be yourself while being a nice accessory to your fashionable clothing.
  3. Leather, leather, leather! Leather jackets, leather boots, leather everything! For both men and women, leather is being used by all the designers this winter.
  4. Try a trench! Most people have seen them, but never even thought about wearing a trench coat… While comfortable and stylish, they’ll keep you very warm on those frigid winter days.
  5. Why not try something unique? Whether its multi-colored Sperries, boots, Converse, or a crazy top, just be yourself! Fashion serves as a great way to express yourself, and gives you a chance to express your inner self!

Suman Atluri
Staff Writer

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