Alumni offer wisdom, advice to juniors


IMG_5068Veterans met greenhorns as familiar faces returned to the storied cloisters to offer advice about a high school student’s most dreaded, but also most highly anticipated, subject: college.

Seven SJS alumni met with juniors during lunch, Jan. 10, in W205, to discuss the college application process and undergraduate life.

College counselor Nick Accrocco led the discussion, which included topics ranging from handling parents to declaring majors.

“While you may have a number one choice, don’t make it your only one,” Jordan Schuyler (‘11) said. “Have back-ups and keep options open for yourself.”

The panel offered a glimpse into unconventional subjects that actually play a large role in the decision-making process. Harvard sophomore Charlie Caplan (‘11) cited weather as an important factor to consider when choosing colleges.

“Come November, I curse myself every day for not looking at schools in California,” Caplan said. “Remember, you live in Houston.”

Others stressed the importance of visiting colleges and weighing pros and cons.

“You’re in charge of your education,” Trinity freshman Philip Appedu ’12 said. “Get a feel of what you’ll get from each college.”

The alumni also offered perspectives on campus life at college.

“My earliest class was 9:30 a.m.,” Wake Forest freshman Nick Cassata (’12) said. “That was sometimes hard to make.”

Daniel Flowers (’12), a freshman at Virginia Military Institute, provided a different image: his day starts at 6:15 a.m. with physical training and lasts until 11:30 with mandatory studying.

As juniors begin meeting with college counselors this month, the 40-minute session provided students with a glimpse of the upcoming year.

“It showed us how people survived the college process,” junior Erin Haney said.

“It was advice I had heard plenty of times,” junior April Chang said, “but it meant more coming from someone in college.”

Amy Kang and Lydia Liu
Copy Editors


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