Veni, Vidi, Vici: Latin sweeps Owl Certamen Tournament


“I thought it was great to meet kids from all over Houston who enjoy learning Latin as much as I do,” sophomore Vinay Gajula said after the advanced certamen team won the final round.

SJS Middle School and Upper School students attended Owl Certamen at Rice University on Jan. 19. The competition, modeled off of the Junior Classical League (JCL) contests, included Certamen, Academic Testing, Dramatic Interpretation, Latin Oratory, Sight Latin Reading, English Oratory and Classical Art.

Accompanied by Middle School Latin teacher Dr. Jason Gajderowicz and Upper School Latin teacher Mindy Wolfrom, students participated in the testing and certamen rounds (similar to a Latin version of Quizbowl).

SJS novice, intermediate and advanced certamen teams all won in their final rounds, and students accumulated many awards in the academic categories.

“Owl Certamen was well run,” junior George Davies said. “I found that the questions were rather easy, but our overwhelming mastery bodes well for future certamen matches against some of the best teams in the country who play in Texas.”

Senior Savannah Ezelle said, “Rice Owl has been a great experience for the last four years; it’s fun and it gives an indication of what we need to improve for JCL.”

Alyyah Malick
Assignment Editor


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