Top Five Sophomore Cotillion Proposals


Last minute boutonniere orders are being placed. Limousine reservations are being checked. Sophomore cotillion is right around the corner. Here are five of the top sophomore cotillion proposals this year.

1. Hally Carver asked Charles Rogers creatively. Carver invited Rogers to her home to bake cookies under the pretense of a community service project. When she asked him to take the cookies out of the oven, the cookies read “COTILLION?”

2. Maren Flood asked Rod Ojeda using a sandwich and a piece of paper. Before inviting Odeja to a picnic in the park, Flood placed a piece of paper saying, “This is the first and last time I’ll make you a sandwich…So…Cotillion?” in Odeja’s sandwich. As he bit into the sandwich, he noticed the piece of paper and quickly replied, “YES!”

3. Field Hockey goalkeeper Libby Manela asked junior Josh Hanson at the SJS vs. Houston Christian Varsity Field Hockey game. Because Hanson was the manager, Manela decorated the announcer’s box at Scotty Caven and placed two signs, one saying “yes” and the other saying “no.” Of course, Hanson picked the first.

4. Anna Cauthorn asked Turner Hinrichs with a poster of inside jokes. The large cut-out poster was decorated with items ranging from pictures, to notes and even a bag of chips.

5. Nina Manian asked junior Justise Winslow enlisting the help of friends. As Winslow walked into a classroom, she and her friends held up signs spelling out, “Cotils?”

Suman Atluri
Staff Writer


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