All-School Chapel Unites School


DSC_9416Green, blue, purple, brown and yellow shirts filled the basketball gym as students coalesced into large, colored clumps, sitting by houses for the year’s second All-School Chapel, Feb. 7.

These K-12 convocations are meant to bring students of all ages together to, as Headmaster Mark Desjardins puts it, “build the K-12 community through the power of shared worship.”

“This semester’s chapel has the same structure as last year,” Chapel Coordinator Greg Han said.

Although the purposes of these all-school meetings are generally the same, several additions to the program were inserted. As a result, this year’s convocation seemed more like a chapel than just a gathering, unlike the year’s first all-school convocation.

The congregation engaged in chapel hymns and the alma mater, followed by the choir’s performance of Jim Papoulis’ “Can You Hear,” accompanied by the orchestra and band.

The music was a highlight for junior Kristen Wilson.

“I thought the music was really cool,” Wilson said. “I liked all of the unusual sounds that they made.”

After 20 minutes of song, Mr. Desjardins gave his annual address on the qualities that contribute to school unity.

Starting off with a story about a fishing trip, Mr. Desjardins used the idea of sportsmanship to convey the message of the Honor Code as a universal stitch that holds the school community together.

“Be true to your own belief system,” Mr. Desjardins said. “Not because it benefits you, but because it adds value to the lives of others around you.”

Ben Shou
Staff Writer


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