Music Chapel Performances


Complete with silver gloves and fedoras, Les Chantdudes channeled their inner Michael Jackson to open the performances with an a Capella rendition of “Billy Jean.”

“They were super snazzy,” freshman Michael Huang said.

Music Chapel, organized by Chapel Guild, was on February 20 in the Lowe Theater. Seven acts passed the audition process and performed in front of the high school.

Juniors Jeffrey Fastow on guitar, April Chang on piano and Claire Jones with the vocals followed, performing a medley of popular songs, including ” It’s Time,” “Ho Hey” and “I Will Wait.”

Junior Carolyn Martin then performed the operatic piece “Après un Rêve” followed by a band of sophomores performing “Surfing with the Alien,” composed of Quincy Cotton on lead guitar, Ty Boone on bass, Robert Kempner on guitar, and Emery Mintz on drums.

“I thought it was really cool,” freshman Joe Faraguna said. “Quincy’s guitar face was legendary.”

Next was senior Aparajita Maitra with her own rendition of the Jackson 5 hit “I Want You Back.” Fellow senior Paul Loya playing “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy on piano came next.

“It was really exciting to hear from all the local artists at our school,” sophomore Akshay Jaggi said.

After a brief sound check, seniors Katie Owens, Sam Burkett, Daniel Hurtado-Braun and Ian Mellor-Crummey and junior Justin Vincent closed the chapel playing Two Door Cinema Club’s “What You Know.”

Freshman Cade Luedde said, “I liked how there were a lot of different performers and how we just listened to the people play their music.”

Article by Chris Zimmerman
Video filmed by Jake Nyquist

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