Best and Worst Male Fashion at the Oscars


Best Dressed

1. Eddie Redmayne (A+)

Unknown to me prior to the red carpet, Redmayne clearly walked away from the show as the best-dressed man in attendance. He came wearing a well-sculpted Alexander McQueen tuxedo that combined the traditional single button with the younger, sleeker, peak lapel. The pant legs had a nice taper that stopped just above the shoe. With a crisp finish at his ankles and not an inch of extra fabric, Redmayne topped off my favorite outfit of the evening with my favorite type of shoe – McQueen velvet slippers with the crest embossed on the top. He was also one of the only cleanly shaven men on the carpet this year – giving him a cleaner overall look. Redmayne is consistently the best dressed (see this year’s Golden Globes Red Carpet) and is the face of the Burberry Porsum line.

2. Chris Pine (A+)

Sporting a double-breasted, Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, Pine stood out from the sea of single button, single breasted coats that lined the red carpet. Pine took a classical look and made it young with impeccable tailoring – although the break at the bottom of the pants could have been better and his shoes a bit more creative. The six button style of coat he chose was smart,  slimming, gave him some extra height, and also a more modern look. The six button double breasted jacket was heavily featured in the Spring 2013 collection unveiled in New York last week. His bow tie was one of the least offensive ties of the evening and balanced out the shape of his head.

3. Paul Rudd (A)

Always classic and wearing a solid tuxedo, Rudd never fails to avoid offending anyone and that’s something to be appreciated amongst actors trying to make a statement. The two button suit with the peak lapels are personal favorites of mine, and his shoes were classic but youthful. The white button down had white buttons that faded away – unlike those of other actors who tried to add character to their suits with interesting metallic studs. His Giorgio Armani tuxedo featured my favorite besom pockets and was tailored masterfully. His lace-up shoes had a sharp toe that gives the traditional shoe look a more modern spin. The only negative was the amount of facial hair he had for the night.

4. Hugh Jackman (B)

I am surprised that a Tom Ford clad celebrity has not made it onto my list until this point, but as usual, Ford delivers. His bow tie knot was great and the collar of shirt was the right way to go – no extreme spread or tab collars. The plisse front cocktail shirt looked excellent, as well as his pocket square. The two-toned lace up shoes completed a classic look. The four button double breasted jacket was a welcomed change of pace for the evening.

5. John Hamm (B)

Hamm’s entrance to the Vanity Fair Party was definitely one of the most stylish. His Salvatore Ferragamo tuxedo was tailored to perfection, slimming him down a great deal. His bow tie had great shape to it, but nothing was as interesting as his lapel. Sporting a double lapel, Hamm gave me a reason to give his ensemble a second look. With a darker interior fabric and a lighter border, the contrast gave the tuxedo a new dimension. His shoes are possibly my second favorite of the evening, after Redmayne’s. I love the black besom pockets instead of the more common ticket pockets, and his white pocket square was simple but the perfect touch to finish off a top-notch look. The black buttons on the vest brought it all together. My favorite three piece suit of the evening.

6. Daniel Day-Lewis (C+)

I was torn on my opinion about Day-Lewis’ Domenico Vacca tuxedo, but its originality and impeccable fit and shape made it impossible to leave him out of this category. The midnight blue color stood out from the crowd without being obnoxious. I am generally not a fan of the shawl color look – a little too traditional for my personal tastes – but given his age he wore it well. The standouts from his ensemble were clearly the neck wear, pocket square and tailoring. His bow tie was clearly hand tied and proportional to his body. His pocket square added a whole new dimension to the look and gave his tuxedo character and individuality – I was disappointed at the number of pocket squares that made an appearance on the red carpet. The pants draped perfectly over sleek, black shoes.  There was a better version of a similar tuxedo – a midnight blue with black lapels – that debuted in the Valentino 2013 Fall Collection that I would have preferred to see him wear.

Honorable mention: Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Ford (At Vanity Fair Party), Seth Myers, Gerard Butler (At Vanity Fair Party)

Worst Dressed

1. Quentin Tarantino (F)

He’s never looked good, and I highly doubt he cares at all, but it’s hard to take him off the list of worst dressed. He always looks disheveled, and there is nothing good about a leather tie and the top button of a button-down unbuttoned while wearing a tie. There were really no positives to his look.

2. Jamie Foxx (C-)

I am still not 100% sure what color his tuxedo was – purple or gray or maybe a combination of both. Either way, it did not work – but that was far from the most offensive part of his clothing. The glittery bow tie was too much of a statement. It overpowered the entire outfit and looked tacky at a black tie event. The peak lapel was good-looking, but as far as tailoring the suit should have been shaped better around his waist. The black shirt with white buttons also did not do the Django Unchained star any favors. I also would have preferred that the entirety of the lapel be black, not just parts. Foxx was wearing too many black articles that clashed with each other.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (C-)

For someone who has the stature to pull off a tightly tailored tux, Gordon-Levitt looked awkward in an ill-fitting Gucci suit. The lapel was too skinny and threw off the balance of the suits complexion. The bow tie was too elongated and too skinny for his facial structure. The sleeves were too long, leaving no room for the shirt sleeves to appear at the end of his arms. Solely looking at the fit and tailoring, it looks like he picked the suit up off the rack.

4. Samuel L. Jackson (D)

I respect Jackson’s originality and parts of his ensemble worked, but altogether he looked like a mess. I liked the idea of the burgundy, velvet jacket, but I disliked the combination of the shawl color and two buttons. The shirt collar was interesting, but it only revealed the fact that Jackson was wearing a pre-tied, clip-on bow tie. The color of the shirt was strange – a light gray and silvery hue – and the major downfall of the outfit. It matched with no other articles, and the shine of the silk was obnoxious. The pants were fine, but the shirt and bow tie took his outfit to the point of no return.

5. Channing Tatum (C)

Tatum did nothing right with his shawl collar tuxedo. The shawl collar should be reserved for the older generations – not someone under 30. He paired it with a bow tie and a vest – one of my greatest pet peeves. Vests go with ties, never bow ties. The vest made him look much heavier than he actually is. The studs on his shirt were unattractive and drew too much attention.

Honorable Mentions: Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr. , Russell Brand

Braden Doyle
Design Editor


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