Day in the Life of a Chorus Member of “Kiss Me Kate”


4:04pm  Find myself in the VST with Oliver Ruhl and Hannah Tyler.  Open laptop and begin to watch “Downton Abbey” for the first time.  Very confused.

4:32  Make way to Lower School Cafeteria for ‘dinner’ (because everyone eats dinner at this time of day).  Take a bread stick to go.

5:27  Head upstairs to the buzzing dressing rooms.  Grab costume and character shoes.

6:02  Finish putting on stage makeup; “Is this too much eyeliner?”  “There is no such thing as too much eyeliner.”

6:41  Have hair twisted into braids for a Renaissance look.  Classy.

7:01  Listen to Pranav Bhamidipati’s drum beat marking the start of “Too Darn Hot.”

7:32  Hum along to all of the Act Two numbers that I’m not in.  Oh well.

7:58  Quickly change into electric blue leggings for the first number.

8:07 Run downstairs for the run-through of Act One.

8:14  On the frightening stairs, impatiently waiting for Jack McKay with Kyra Link.

8:19 Open doors to reveal all of the bright lights.  The overture is about to start…

8:32 Walk off stage after dance combinations.

8:37 Realize that I am not on until the end of the act.

8:43  Change costume again…take a picture with Taylor Gutierrez.

8:53  Wait in the green room, casually dressed in Renaissance ‘garb.’

9:28  Make faces at Hannah Worscheh during “Were Thine That Special Face.” Admire Justin Bernard’s jazzy dance moves.

9:35  Be escorted onstage by my lovely dance partner, Collins Yeates, for “Kiss Me Kate.”

9:47  Listen to Mr. Bill’s brief notes.

9:52  Run upstairs and see the three missed calls from Dad… sorry.

10:01  Load my backpack, flute and rehearsal bag into the car.  Why so many textbooks?

10:16  Finally home.  The thought of homework briefly crosses my mind… eh.

McKenna Gessner
Staff Writer


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