Field Day Under Review


We all know the real reason why last year’s Field Day was one of the less-attended school events. It wasn’t because of the history paper, the pleasure of wearing the flattering Taub brown, nor was it because of the overflowing excitement to transform the storied cloisters into Hogwarts 2.0. Instead, the Field Day attendance rate was below expected because…well, the dismal attendance was what was expected.

Regardless of the disappointing participation rate, Field Day at its core is an opportunity for students to mingle. I believe that students should go and embrace it as a relaxed start to Spring Break. Field day will start late and end early; in other words, it’ll be short and sweet.

It’s a chance to interact with your classmates outside of the classroom environment, just in time to break the ice before the Senior Retreat or say goodbyes before vacations. It’s also a chance to make new friends from your House.

As SJS Confessions reveals, students agree that people outside of their friend groups can be surprisingly amiable. Field Day games and randomly assorted groups will provide plenty of incentive to bond. If you can’t take a rough sack race or a frenzied relay as a chance to unwind, the rigor of SJS has really taken its toll.

The fusion of Upper School and Middle School Field Days this year may be the deciding factor in whether to attend Field Day or not for many students. Yet while the Middle School students may chance the typically rowdy spirit of Field Day, they may also reveal Field Day for what it really should be – a day to play, even if it means acting a few years younger.

The future of Field Day is currently hazy. With new changes implemented every year, Field Day may be hated one year and loved the next; however, give the alterations a chance. While I wasn’t the only one who noticed that almost a quarter of Upper School students were absent in last year’s Field Day, I don’t have to attend Field Day to see the other 25% of students that may just show up this time around.

Tiffany Yue
Staff Writer

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