Field Day Sparks School Spirit


The new definition of K-12ing includes dodgeball, Baauer and snow cones.

Field Day 2013 combined long-held traditions and radical, modern elements to redefine the event that has become such an important part of the SJS spring semester.

The most notable alteration was the mixing of the Middle and Upper Schools for the event, a decision made by the Student Affairs Council (SAC) and the administration.

“Getting the Middle School involved changed Field Day,” Sophomore SAC President Akshay Jaggi said.

During Field Day, hulking senior boys competed next to tiny sixth grade girls to create an unprecedented but nevertheless spirited dynamic. The schedule of field day was altered to accommodate a shorter time window and the seven grade levels present.

Events this year included time-honored favorites such as dodgeball and the human puzzle, while capture the flag was nixed from the lineup. However, the beloved snow cone stand was still in operation.

“My favorite parts of field day are no classes and snow cones,” Upper School math teacher Alice Nelson said.

Some Upper School students were unhappy with sharing Field Day with the Middle School.

“There were a total of four Upper School students on my team, and they were all freshmen and sophomores,” sophomore Elizabeth Elrod said. “I’m disappointed that so few people attended.”

While the number of students absent may have put a damper on the event for some, Field Day still roused competition.

Winston took first place, while Hoodwink and Mulligan came in second and third, respectively. Claremont and Chidsey tied for fourth place, and Taub came in fifth, storming the basketball court when their place was announced.

School spirit was abound throughout the event, with Mulligan house sporting green streamers and hair dye. Houses competed to cheer the loudest at opening and closing ceremonies.

During the lunch break, event DJs Jackson Jhin and Andrew Chenissi, both seniors, led students in the production of a Harlem shake video, inspired by the other Harlem Shake spoofs created by SJS students (see them again here:

“My favorite part of field day would have to be getting together with everyone in the school and just having a good time.” sophomore Isabel Wallace-Green said.

Jaggi said, “Combining the groups is a new kind of school spirit that we don’t normally get to have.”

Video by: Emma Gobillot
Article by: Megan Routbort

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