Top Nine Ways to Spend Spring Break in Houston


1. Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Whether you choose to go to a concert, the livestock show or the carnival, you’ll leave the rodeo with lighter pockets and a stomach full of fried goodies. It ends March 17, so get there as soon as you can!

2. The 22nd Annual KTRU Outdoor Show at Rice University

Grab a water bottle and practice your “not impressed” hipster sneers when you head to Rice’s central quad, March 9. Each year, the university procures local acts and a few well-known headliners to put on a free music festival sponsored by their KTRU internet radio station. An event for all ages, it also features on-site food trucks for dining and displays by university clubs and nonprofit organizations. This year’s festival will include performances by the Cloud Nothings and XXYYXX.

3. Schoolwork

If the thought of not opening textbooks for a week is more frightening than fantastic, then spring break is a great time to get ahead on homework or prepare for the AP exams. When you get back to school, you can impress your peers with your ability to write legibly and form coherent sentences.

4. Create your Own Vacation

While your vacationing friends snap Instagram photos of their worldwide adventures, construct your own paradise in the backyard. Wish you were on a beach in Cancun? Set up a kiddie pool and sunbathe for a day. Fancy a Parisian trip? Google crepe recipes and watch French movies. Then Instagram your own pictures; the world travelers will want to stay home with you next year.

5. St. Patrick’s Day

While Houston has never dyed the bayou green to celebrate the Irish holiday (some say it’s green enough naturally) a parade takes place on Saturday, March 16, in Downtown Houston. Don’t forget to don greens or you’ll get pinched.

6. Go to the Movies

Sure the weather will be nearly perfect all break, but that doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of the great outdoors. Head to an air-conditioned Megaplex – they’re all across town – to catch a flick or two.

7. Easter Preparation

Chances are you’ll be swamped with schoolwork by the time Easter actually rolls around, so you might as well start festivities while you have the free time. Just don’t hide chocolate eggs – they’ll probably be melted by the sweltering weather by the time Easter rolls around.

8. Community Service

Contact sophomores Mckenna Gessner and Priyanka Jain to sign up for a gardening community service project Saturday, March 9th. If you’re a junior or a Habitat for Humanity worker, you can head to the landscape and dedication of the SJS Habitat House on March 11th.

9. Go to Field Day

Contrary to popular belief, Spring Break doesn’t actually start on the 8th. So sport your house shirt and get ready to mingle with middle schoolers. While you may not be able to tackle them in capture the flag, you can at least regale them with tales of the terrors of Upper School.

Megan Routbort
Staff Writer


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