Top Nine: Reasons Why Papers Are the Best


Papers – got to love them. Each year students have the privilege to write a plethora of papers, and with another round of papers rolling around, here’s a few of reasons why papers are the best things ever.

1. The SJS workload is notorious for being too easy. Papers make it more challenging and engaging for students.

2. Studies have shown that sleeping over eight to nine hours a night is unhealthy. Papers ensure that I don’t oversleep.

3. Papers prevent me from going out with friends. They make sure that I am not tempted to leave the safety of my own house and protect me from the dangers of the outside world.

4. Sometimes I like to spend too much time on hobbies that I love; papers keep me from getting addicted to things that make me happy.

5. Different teachers like different styles of writing, making us go through the cumbersome process of finding out how to write for each different teacher, so we can get to know them better.

6. Papers make sure we spend hours on end sitting down and staring at a computer screen, so we aren’t running around tiring ourselves out too much.

7. In case we miss some of the symbolism or little hidden meanings our first time through, papers force us to look back through 700-page books to make sure we don’t miss anything.

8. Papers are often worth extremely large chunks of our semester averages, so we can get a large part of our grade over with in one go.

9. Papers put us in emotional and sometimes even physical distress, so we can build character.

Said no student. Ever.

Elliot Cheung
Staff Writer


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