Melted Cheese Brings out Maverick Pride


Socializing, lacrosse and delicious queso combined at Scotty Caven Field at the Queso Cookoff.

Four groups entered the Cookoff: the Maverick Eats team, the softball team, the Henderson advisory and last year’s sole contestant, sophomore Martha Jamail.

The Maverick Eats team won the golden ladle trophy for their “Quintessential Queso.”

“We really wanted to make this a great experience and tried to create a fun atmosphere with some Spanish music,” junior Caroline Reasoner of the Maverick Eats team said.

The cookoff began at 6 p.m. in the midst of Senior Night at the girls’ lacrosse game against Kinkaid. Students socialized with peers and snacked on chips and queso while watching the Lady Mavericks defeat Kinkaid 14-7.

“It unites us over hot cheese,” sophomore lacrosse player Elizabeth Cregan said.

Seniors moving out of Texas appreciated the chance to participate in a final cookoff. “If there’s one thing I’m going to miss about Texas, it is queso,” senior Haishat Alli said. ” I’m really glad we got to have this Queso Cookoff because I have truly missed it.”

Queso Cookoff is largely student-driven, and representatives on Student Affairs Council voted for the winning queso.

Last year, the event failed to generate enough entries.

“I think participation has been a little down, but overall I’m pretty happy with the turnout,” Head Prefect Guan Chen said.

Still, students enjoyed themselves.

“The warm gooeyness in the queso is analogous to the warm gooey feelings we feel gathered together as a student body, cheering on our sports teams and overall just enjoying each other’s company,” Prefect Allie Robinson said. “Queso Cookoff is a great way to come together as a school and enjoy an evening of Maverick celebration.”

Samantha Neal
Online Editor


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