Road to SPC: Mavericks Anticipate Success


Boys Lacrosse

Season Record: 6-0-0
SPC: Third place Southzone division I

Boys lacrosse finished its season strong with third at SPC in Division I. A perfect season of 6-0-0 allowed the team to get a bye in the first round at SPC to go on to face St. Mark’s. St. Mark’s won and went on to win the tournament while SJS beat Houston Christian to cinch third place.

Sophomore Peter Cordill, seniors David Edwards and Jonathan Newar led the scoring during tournament weekend, each scoring two. Senior Ben Griffin played a strong defense and senior Will Griffin did well during faceoff.

Girls Lacrosse

Season Record: 5-0-0
SPC: First seed Southzone division I

Girls lacrosse dominated throughout the season, finishing 5-0-0. Currently ranked number one and expected to keep the title, the players rallied for SPC this weekend with the unrelenting encouragement of captain Martha Daniel.

“Martha is stellar, even on the bench. She may be injured, but I’d still say she’s one of the best players on the team because she can pump us up just by being at the games,” freshmen Lindsey McKone said.

Captains Lauren Resnick, Robby Rybarczyk and Amanda Leavell have been a huge contribution to the strong season and are major players to watch during the tournament.

Boys Tennis

Season Record: 6-1-0
SPC: Second seed Southzone division I

“Come to SPC. We’re getting sleeveless tank tops for tennis, and you’re going to want to see Eric Gao and me in tank tops,” sophomore Dara Ladjevardian said.

The new outfit may be a prelude to a new winner. With a season of 6-1-0, boys’ tennis holds a strong chance of winning SPC in Division I. The only loss this season was to Kinkaid 5-0, so the team is expected to win the tournament if Kinkaid is beaten early in the bracket.

Singles will be led by junior Xavier Gonzales and doubles by sophomore Billy Guo, freshman Eric Gao, junior Elliot Cheung and senior Jason Shyu.

Girls Tennis

Season Record: 5-2-0
SPC: Third seed Southzone Division I

With a strong season 5-2-0, girls tennis is ranked third in Southzone going into SPC in division one. The win over Episcopal (EHS) secured the third seed.

“We have a pretty solid chance at SPC because we’ve done well in our matches. It’s just disappointing that we don’t have our whole team,” junior April Chang said.

Freshman Natasha Gonzales and Chang are injured and unable to play. Yet, players are determined to go out and put everything in.

Singles will be led by captain Clare Hewitt and doubles by juniors Sophie Rosahl and Claire Dorfman. Sophomore Tamara Shan has also played a strong season and is another player to watch at SPC.


Senior Christopher Farish stand guard at first base in a game against Houston Power, April 30.

Senior Christopher Farish stand guard at first base in a game against Houston Power, April 30. (Jake Nyquist)

Season Record: 14-9-1
SPC: Fourth seed Southzone Division I

Boys baseball will be going into SPC with a season of 14-9-1, a score marking new accomplishments and significant wins.

“The games that we won against St. Andrews and St. Stephens were important because we didn’t beat them last year,” sophomore Jack Britton said.

The team’s win against John Cooper clinched the Mavs fourth seed in division I.

With key players senior Christopher Farish pitching, sophomore Stephen Spears playing infield, junior Daniel Halevy in centerfield and junior Jack Miller behind the plate, the team is looking to win against Episcopal, the toughest opponent this season, once again.


Season Record: 8-4-0
SPC: Third seed division I

“All season, the coaches and captains have been telling us that we have a target on our backs,” sophomore Rebecca Reza said.

Last year, girls softball won first in Southzone and was first seed going into SPC. The team only lost one graduating senior and gained multiple talented players for this season, and the expectations are as high as ever.

With a season of 8-4-0, the team is third seed going into SPC due to a three-way tie with Episcopal and Kinkaid. Captains Anna Cain and  Meredith Lloyd and freshman Jessica Vlasek are key players to watch during the games starting Friday, May 3.


Golf SPC marked several season bests and tournament bests.

“Regardless of the overall outcome, we pulled through. The second day we were able to all shoot below 90, which I don’t think we have ever done in SPC,” sophomore John Armstrong said.

On the girls’ team, captains Monica Dayao and Mary Ellison and freshman Lizzy Ellison all shot season bests.

On the boys’ team, junior Stuart Jones, sophomore John Armstrong and sophomore Robert Royce shot season bests, with Jones breaking 80 both days.

Track and Field

Sophomore Lee Hampton, with a personal record of 21 feet and three inches, aids the Maverick leap to victory in the long jump. (Jake Nyquist)

Sophomore Lee Hampton, with a personal record of 21 feet and three inches, aids the Maverick leap to victory in the long jump. (Jake Nyquist)

SPC: Division I

Both girls and boys track have had a blazing season, winning several meets, including wins by the girls at the SJS-EHS meet and Nick Finnegan invitational.

Several runners are expected to shine at this weekend’s meet. The boys’ 4×1 relay team composed of junior Risher Randall, senior Josh Otey, senior Nathan Avery and sophomore Lee Hampton is expected to make finals and break records. Seniors Jackie Modesett, Stephanie Guo and Sam Night are also key runners to watch.

In field, seniors Allie Robinson and Briana Williams are major contributors.

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