More from the Directors of “Clinger”

Directed by SJS alumni, indie horror-comedy “Clinger” was shot on campus this summer and featured several SJS students and faculty as both supporting actors and extras.

Watch more videos from the directors of “Clinger,” Bubba Fish, Michael Steves and Gabi Chennisi (all ’09) by following the links below:

Gabi Chennisi
A graduate of Rice University, Chennisi co-directed the documentary “Babushka” (2011), directed a “save the date” video for an Atlanta bar mitzvah video that went viral (2013).

Bubba Fish
A graduate of University of Southern California, Fish directed dozens of short films, including “Workout Buddies: A Bro Love Story” (2012).

Michael Steves
A graduate of Wesleyan University, Steves co-wrote “Workout Buddies: A Bro Love Story” (2012), wrote and directed the short film “Hello Cruel World” (2012).

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